Dental Smile your way through the day


At AAQHC we offer custom built dental programs cover what you need at the price you deserve.

VISION See your world more clearly


The world you see needs to be in focus, AAQHC has vision programs to keep your eyes healthier, longer.

Life Life is precious, protect yours and the ones you love


AAQHC offers employer sponsored life coverage, to give your employees great choices at a budget they can afford.




Custom built benefits that meet your employee needs while keeping your budget in mind.



AAQHC offers individuals, families, and an employer-sponsored groups a simple, easy to administer portfolio of benefits.

Individuals & Families

Individuals & Families

At AAQHC, we give you access to custom built benefits while keeping your budget in mind. Dental, Vision and a world class discount program.

Customizable employer sponsored life plans that let your employees choose the level of coverage that fits them best.

Dental insurance customized by us to meet your individual, family, and company needs.


Our market leading vision plans can help keep you seeing better, longer.


We Provide you and your clients the service you have come to expect and require

Today we continue that tradition by offering our members professional services with tremendous savings, choice and flexibility. As a member of AAQHC, you are eligible to purchase dental, vision and guaranteed issue life insurance. We offer plans to our employers groups as well as individuals, families, and Medicare eligible beneficiaries.

All plans are administered by AAQHC, an Administrator. Call or email us today. We look forward to assisting you with your insurance needs.